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Abacum is a well-funded Y-Combinator startup solving financial planning for finance teams. Our customers say things like

"I really love Abacum, it's made a huge difference for me!"

"Every other provider we investigated said it couldn't be done."

"Abacum is a lifesaver when it comes to helping me get my job done."

We're looking for the right Product Manager to join the team and help us build the best finance product in history.

Being a Product Manager at Abacum means...

  • Discovery and Delivery. Abacum PMs take full ownership of the entire product lifecycle - from designing and executing research plans to writing tickets for the development team. They are undeterred by “boring work“ and step in as necessary to move their product forward. Abacum PMs find value and make it happen.
  • A Bias for Action. An uncomfortable truth is that most product decisions are two-way decisions, and often times the wrong decision is no decision. At Abacum, PM's aim is to be "directionally correct" and iterate quickly. Speed is key to learning and (today) we're burning to learn not burning to earn.
  • Thinking big to start small. Abacum PM's recognise how to combine multiple opportunities to improve the lives of real people - our customers, and can build a vision that inspires others. They effectively break down said vision into bite-size steps and can flow easily between strategic discussions and minute details.

As an early-stage startup, we are looking for people that...

  • Are (business) builders. You enjoy forming hypotheses, building things and proving yourself wrong. You have previous experience building complex products with multiple end-user personas and their journeys. You validate that customers have both a need and a willingness to pay for a solution.
  • Understand technology and design. You're comfortable talking about APIs, frameworks, databases, and documentation with engineers and designers alike. You appreciate the value of a well-designed endpoint and can provide valuable critique in design reviews.
  • Collaborate easily. You are humble, open, and willing to compromise. You enjoy working with other disciplines, understanding their motivations and constraints. You are not motivated to prove you have the best ideas and know-how to disagree and speak up with respect.

In return, we can offer...

  • Autonomy. We expect you to move our product vision forward by owning a core pillar's problem space - including the strategy, roadmap, and goals to achieve it. We offer uncertainty and the chance to create your own structure.
  • Impact. You work in an extremely fast environment where you bring ideas to our users within literally days or hours.
  • Lasting influence. You have a key role in shaping the product strategy, the product discipline, and the company culture.
  • Quality environment. You become part of a hand-picked group of incredibly talented and motivated people.
  • And other benefits


+4 years of product development

English proficiency level (C1)

It's a plus if you...

Attended or competed in a financial modeling competition

Previous financial experience

Experience building and maintaining user journeys

Have experience building and maintaining user journeys

Tech background (e.g. Computer Science, Developer)

Experience from scratch and entrepreneurial spirit

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